Data Migration and Analytics

Data Migration and Analytics

Data Migration is a project not done often and is a set of unique activities in which organizations may not have in-house expertise. 

Data Migration is closely connected with Application Migration and Business Process Migration.

The impact is fully felt across organizations and customer bases, hence the need for meticulous planning and execution in stages. The pre-and-post migration activities will ensure the success and completeness of the migration.


Our Approach for Data Migration

The data migration can’t work in isolation and starts with objectives and goals for the mission. The options of application migration and business process changes help to articulate the data migration process and best practices.

Upon completion of the data migration (from on-premise to cloud), the Data Analytics processes become a routine function. Your current tools can’t be retired just because data migration has taken place, and we can integrate with your existing tools. For example, if you choose to use a cloud-based data analytics platform Snowflake to migrate your data, we can integrate your existing tools such as Power BI and Tableau to Snowflake reporting. We can also integrate with Apache Spark Engine for the prediction that augments Business Intelligence functions.

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