Professional Services

Snowflake Services

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform that brings all cloud characteristics such as elasticity in computing power, sharing data, scaling up and scaling out. It provides the option of transformation before loading as well as traditional ELT, which can be adopted based on the use case.

Product Development and Data Migration

In this fast-growing technology world, successfully developing products using Agile methodology, matching to the need of time-to-market, and ensuring customer success puts companies in a resource crunch for critical services.

Data Migration and Analytics

Data Migration is a project not done often and is a set of unique activities in which organizations may not have in-house expertise. Data Migration is closely connected with Application Migration and Business Process Migration.

Professional Consulting

In the world of software, the sudden need for experienced resources in all phases of development are quite inevitable. Having decades of experience in Software Consulting and proven consulting experience, EVERFORCE understands the needs of the Software Development Life Cycle very well.

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