Snowflake Services

Why Snowflake

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform that brings all cloud characteristics such as elasticity in computing power, sharing data, scaling up and scaling out. It provides the option of transformation before loading as well as traditional ELT, which can be adopted based on the use case.

Snowflake is an analytic data warehouse provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you only pay for what is used. The granularity of billing is in seconds.

The multi-region service availability protects access to the data warehouse services which are resilient and fault tolerant.

In terms of data protection, at every stage of the data lifecycle, Snowflake enables the data to be accessible and recoverable in the event of accidental or intentional modification, removal, or corruption. All data at rest and in transit is always encrypted.

Advantages for your business

Using the Snowflake platform will provide substantial cost savings as you can add computing and storage as needed and reduce when done. Their pricing methodology of “Pay For The Compute and Storage You Actually Use” helps save costs when resources are reduced when not in use.

The unique multi-cluster warehouse enables increasing or decreasing clusters to manage peak loads by running the queries concurrently. This helps to have rapid results consistently.

With the Secure Data Sharing feature, Snowflake empowers the database sharing with Snowflake and non-Snowflake users seamlessly. This helps up-to-date data sharing with required partners which provides tremendous business benefits.

Snowflake supports multi cloud vendors. One can select and co-exist with AWS, Azure and GCP. The integration with existing tools of data integration, BI, Analytics and ML is seamless and users can continue using their existing tools. The EVERFORCE team can work with your team to efficiently implement Snowflake as part of our professional services.

Snowflake Expertise at EVERFORCE

EVERFORCE is on pace with technology trends and one of them is Snowflake. We recommend Snowflake solutions as it is ranked #1 in cloud-based data-warehousing. EVERFORCE has expertise in providing services for jump-starting adaptability:

  • On-premise to cloud data Migration
  • Customized transformation and reporting solutions
  • Advanced analytics and integration with machine learning
Snowflake Solutions at EVERFORCE

Leveraging Snowflake features:

  • Effective huge bulk loading using on-demand concurrency
  • Faster performance using multi-cluster
  • Efficient data transformation and validation using customized Python programs

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