Release and Transition Management Software

Enterprise Release and Transition Management for Critical Projects. Effective release and transition management is central to nearly all IT projects at scale and one area that exposes the organization to the most potential risk. And yet, until now there have been no best practices for managing these complex projects built into the software. Instead, IT and Project Management professionals along with their Systems Integrator colleagues have had to rely on general-purpose spreadsheets, presentations and documents to communicate and manage a complex web of interdependent activities. The challenges facing IT and Project Managers during releases and transitions are amplified by the current climate of reduced budgets and shortened project timeframes coupled with the visibility that accompanies high profile projects. What is needed is a way to reduce the risk of these releases and transitions by exposing potential pitfalls early in the process, manage scarce resources, increase stakeholder visibility from end-to-end, and to easily replicate successful releases and transitions so that no team is burdened with reinventing the wheel.

XenonRTMâ„¢ for Release and Transition Management

XenonRTM is the command center for release and transition management – to take organizations from planning to execution to steady-state. As a purpose-built solution for either Release or Transition Management, XenonRTM fills critical process gaps not addressed by traditional solutions.

For Release Management, XenonRTM provides crucial planning, coordination, and communication steps across phases such as environmental build, object migration, backup, and testing – regardless of the number of teams involved and whether they are located down the hall or across the globe.

For Transition Management, XenonRTM handles phases knowledge transfer, resource planning, logistics, process integration and governance, all while providing key metrics to ensure smooth, scalable, and replicable transitions.

Built from the ground up on Salesforce.com’s proven Force.com platform, XenonRTM can scale to thousands of simultaneous users; support hundreds of simultaneous workstreams, and can be rapidly deployed in the cloud. And, Force.com’s extensive security model is trusted by many of the most security-conscious organizations. With XenonRTM, users can soon access the software from any web-connected device using instantly familiar navigation and can be up to speed in minutes. 


  • Increases visibility,  frequency and consistency of release and transition management
  • Reduces complexity for rollouts of concurrent mission-critical applications 
  • Supports global operations • Built on force.com; social, mobile and real-time.

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